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Partners, unlike other investment clubs, here at SMHIC our purpose is not only to invest and make money together, but more importantly to learn the foundation of investing. As we close out our first year of learning and investing together, it is important that we look back at what we’ve covered and achieved together. Each of you have put in your hard earned money, your time in learning and researching to select stocks to invest in. Each of you should be proud of what we’ve achieved. Below are the topics we covered each quarter in 2021. To access the full newsletter here

What are stocks?Income Statement Market Cap (intraday)What is investing
Common Stocks vs Preferred StocksBalance Sheet Enterprise ValueInvesting vs Gambling
Initial Public OfferingsCash FlowTrailing P/EWhat is a stock market
IPO / Exchanges / IndicesP/E, P/E RatioForward P/EWhat is a Certificate of Deposit(CD)
What causes stock prices to changeLow P/E, High P/EPEG Ratio (5 yr expected)What are Mutual Funds
Ticker SymbolsHow to Calculate P/EPrice/Book (mrq)Exchange-Traded Funds(ETFs)
Certificate of DepositBenefits of P/EEnterprise Value/RevenueNew York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
Money Market Accounts/Mutual FundsCurrent Ratio (mrq)Enterprise Value/EBITDANasdaq
401(k) or 403(b)Book Value Per Share (mrq)Over-The-Counter(OTC) (fewer regulations, less transparents comparing to other exchanges, no market maker
Roth IRAsTotal Cash (mrq)Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE)
Low-Cost index FundsTotal Cash Per Share (mrq)Money Markets
Target-Date FundsTotal Debt (mrq)Capital Market
Total Debt/Equity (mrq)Primary Market
Cash Flow Statement Secondary Market
Operating Cash Flow
Levered Free Cash Flow (ttm)
Exchange-Traded Funds(ETFs)

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