Stock pitch guidelines

Stock pitch guidelines

I am ready to pitch my stocks but what do I say to convince the club members that this stock is a good pick for the club portfolio? What are the key elements in terms of fundamental analysis that I have to outline in my pitch? where do I go to find the required information?  Well, here are are the links:  Yahoo Financeor and 
 Step 1: company profile  

  • What is the stock symbol that you are pitching?   My stock symbol is..
  • What is the sector? 
  • What is the industry?
  • What does the company do? 
  • What's the latest news about the company lately? 
  • How was their latest earning report? Did they make or lose money? (BONUS)

Step 2: Company evaluation/Balance Sheet -  All this info can be found for example here: 

  • What is the total cash  at hand (mrq)?
  • What is the total cash per share (mrq) what does that mean?
  • What is the company's total debt at hand (mrq)?
  • What is the company's total debt/equity currently? What does it mean?
  • What is the company current ratio? What does that mean?
  • What is the company book value per share currently?
  • What is the company total  market Cap?
  • What is the company PE/Ratio?
  • What is the company EPS?
  • What is the  current enterprise value of this company?

Step 3: Cash flow Statement

  • What is the company current cash flow at hand for the last twelve months (ttm)
  • What is the company free cash flow at hand?(ttm)
Step 4: Make your argument and sound very confident! 
In your own words, why should the club buy this stock? Really, you need to elaborate on and convince us.  Example, is the company launching new products, new technology?  Will the company sell more products next quarter, in the next 6 months or next year? Is the stock undervalued or overvalued ? Meaning cheap or expensive…? If you are done all your research, you should sound very confident.  If you are not confident, you are definitely not going to convince us this is a good stock to add tothe club's portfolio.