Live Meeting Recordings

Meeting Date(s)Topic (s) CoveredLink to Recording
June25-2023 club meetingGeneral - portfolio update ( buys/sells)Recording
April 23-2023 club meeting Stock pitchRecording
March 26-2023 club meeting Stock Pitchrecording
Febuary 26-2023 club meeting stock pitchrecording
January 22-2023 club meetingGeneral meeting- Addressing comment on budget
surplus and reminder of the club ultimate vision and mission
January 9-2022 - Special MeetingSpecial meetingRecording
January 23 -2022 club meetingGeneralRecording
Febuary 27-2022 club meeting stock pitchStock pitchRecording
March 27-2022 club meetingGeneralRecording
April 24-2022 club meeting stock pitchStock pitchRecording
May 22-2022 - club meeting - trainingTrainingRecording
June 25 -2022 club meeting - trainingTrainingRecording
July - No meeting
August 28 -2022 club meetingGeneralRecording
September 25 -2022 club meeting - Finviz walkthroughFinviz walkthroughRecording
October - No meeting
November 20-2022 club meeting -trainingOptions TrainingRecording
December 2022- Club meeting (officers election/re-election votes)December meeting was moved to Jan. Election/re-election voteRecording
May- 28-2023 -No meetingNo meetingNo meeting